Potato, Cheese and Onion Pasties

Is there a more delightful combination than cheese, onion, and potato? I think not, especially when they are oozing out of golden, flaky puff pastry! Trust me, this is my absolute favorite pasty. Forget about those ordinary cheese and onion pasties from Greggs, because these homemade ones are on a whole different level of deliciousness.

Homemade cheese and onion pasties fresh out of the oven on a wooden chopping board

Cheese and Onion Pasty Filling

Now, before we dive in, I must confess that this is not your traditional pasty. It’s more like a cheese and onion “bake” or “slice.” But I’ve been making this recipe for years, and I’ve always referred to them as pasties (weren’t they cheese and onion pasties at Greggs too?). So let’s not get caught up in semantics and talk about the mouthwatering filling instead.

Cheese, Onion, and Potato

Do Greggs’ cheese and onion pasties contain potato? Well, not as a prominent ingredient. But let me tell you, adding potato takes this pasty to a whole new level of deliciousness. Just think about it for a moment…

Cheese and onion? Yes, please. Cheese and potato? Absolutely. Potato and onion? A flavor explosion!

And when you combine all three ingredients, magic happens. I don’t even need to convince you because deep down, we both know it makes perfect sense.

In addition to the potato, cheese, and onion, we’re going to add a kick of flavor with some mustard, a touch of cream to keep the filling moist, and some fresh parsley to bring everything together.

Why Fry the Potatoes?

Now, most recipes boil the potato before combining it with the cheese and onion, but I believe that’s a missed opportunity for added flavor and texture. Frying the potato not only enhances its taste but also helps it maintain its shape. Plus, since you’re already frying the onions, why bother boiling the potatoes? Let’s save some time and fry ’em up!

Step-by-step photos showing how to make cheese and onion pasty filling

Making Cheese and Onion Pasties

When it comes to making these heavenly pasties, the process is fairly straightforward.

Refrigerated Puff Pastry

I recommend keeping the pastry in the refrigerator until you need it. The colder the pastry, the easier it is to work with. Plus, cold pastry tends to puff up better!

Egg Wash

The secret to achieving that perfectly golden pastry lies in the egg wash. It not only adds a beautiful gloss but also acts as a glue to seal the pastry shut.

Step-by-step photos showing how to make potato cheese onion pasties

Cheese and Onion Pasty FAQ

What Pastry to Use?

For me, it has to be puff pastry every time. While you could use shortcrust pastry, I find that it tends to make the pasty feel too heavy. Puff pastry allows the fillings to shine and keeps the whole thing light and flaky.

What Cheese to Use?

A nice sharp or mature cheddar will do the trick. I would avoid flavored cheeses like pepper jack or smoked cheese, as they can distract from the other flavors. I’ve also tried mozzarella in the past, but it just doesn’t quite hit the mark – figuratively and literally.

The Fancy Pattern on Top, Necessary?

Those decorative patterns on top of the pasties actually serve a purpose. They act as steam holes to prevent the pastry from becoming soggy on the inside. I typically stick with simple arrow-shaped slices, but feel free to get creative and dress them up as you wish!

Hand pulling half of a cheese and onion pasty with cheese oozing out onto a wooden board

Serving Cheese and Onion Pasties

Can I Make These Ahead of Time?

While these pasties are best enjoyed fresh, you can either prepare them or even fully make them ahead of time. Check the recipe card notes for more details.

Can These Be Frozen?

I find that these pasties freeze best after they’re made. Freezing them before ensures that the cream doesn’t curdle and the cheese doesn’t become grainy. To prevent sticking, I recommend freezing them between parchment paper and then transferring them to a ziplock bag.

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So, let’s dive into the full recipe for these irresistible cheese and onion pasties, shall we?

Cheese pouring out of a homemade cheese and onion pasty

How to Make Potato, Cheese, and Onion Pasties (Full Recipe & Video)

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