Kale Chickpea Soup Recipe

This hearty Kale Chickpea Soup is a perfect solution for your dinner dilemma. Made with fresh kale, cooked chickpeas, and simple pantry items, this soup is both healthy and budget-friendly. In just 20 minutes, you can have a nutritious meal on the table that will satisfy even the busiest of weeknights.

kale chickpea soup in white bowl with spoon

Why you’ll love this chickpea soup recipe

  1. Quick and convenient
  2. Nutrition-packed
  3. Great for busy weeknights

This chickpea soup is perfect for busy individuals who need a healthy meal in a hurry. Whether you choose to cook it on the stove or in an Instant Pot, you’ll have a comforting soup ready in just 20 minutes.

Kale and chickpeas are not only super nutritious, but they also complement each other perfectly in terms of texture and flavor. Loaded with fiber, this soup is naturally vegan and gluten-free. And the best part? You can easily find both kale and chickpeas in any grocery store.

You won’t believe how easy it is to prepare this healthy soup with such minimal effort! It has saved countless unplanned weeknight dinners for us, and we hope it does the same for you!

Ingredients you’ll need

  • Olive oil (or other cooking oil)
  • Onions and garlic (these aromatics really flavor the soup nicely)
  • Chickpeas (canned or cooked)
  • Kale (any variety will work)
  • Vegetable broth (low salt version recommended)
  • Thyme (fresh or dried, or other seasoning as desired)
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Garnish options: homemade croutons and grated Parmesan cheese

kale chickpea soup in white bowl

Stove instructions

See full recipe instructions below

  1. Saute onions and garlic in olive oil.
  2. Add all other ingredients, bring to a boil, then simmer for 15 minutes until the vegetables are tender.
  3. Serve warm.

Instant Pot instructions

See full recipe instructions below

  1. Saute onions and garlic in olive oil in the Instant Pot.
  2. Add the remaining ingredients and pressure cook on high pressure for 1 minute.
  3. Allow a 10-minute natural pressure release.
  4. Serve warm.

I personally love to add Parmesan cheese and homemade croutons as shown in the photos.

kale chickpea soup in white bowl

What kale should I use?

For this soup, I used Dino kale, also known as Lacinato kale. However, any variety of kale will work just fine! In fact, curly kale will naturally add more volume. It ultimately comes down to personal preference, so use your favorite kind.

The best chickpeas for this soup

Canned chickpeas are incredibly convenient as they are fully cooked and ready to eat straight out of the can. This is what makes this soup so quick and easy to prepare since you don’t have to cook the beans.

However, if you prefer to skip the canned beans and opt for a higher quality ingredient while saving some money, check out my Instant Pot Chickpeas method. Alternatively, if you don’t mind turning on your oven for a few hours, take a look at my article on how to cook dried beans without soaking to cook the chickpeas.

What’s the best broth for chickpea soup?

For over a decade, I have been delighted with this reduced-sodium vegetable base. It’s affordable, requires minimal pantry space, and tastes great! You can either use bouillon cubes or packaged vegetable broth to enhance the flavors of your soup.

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? Recipe

Make sure to check out the full recipe here on the BDK Restaurant website. Enjoy your delicious and healthy Kale Chickpea Soup!

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