A Regal Dish Fit for a King: King Charles Coronation Quiche

This delectable King Charles Coronation Quiche recipe is a must-try for any culinary enthusiast. Created specifically for the official crowning ceremony of England’s new King, this dish is a delightful combination of flavors. With a flaky, homemade crust embracing a simple yet delicious filling of cheese, fresh spinach, fava beans (also known as broad beans), and fresh tarragon, this quiche is fit for royalty.

A quiche on a round cutting board with a slice separate

Straight from Buckingham Palace, this is the exact recipe recently released to the public. If you’re eager to try your hand at crafting this culinary masterpiece, you can find a printable recipe below or simply hit the ‘jump to recipe’ button at the top of the page.

As a British citizen, the prospect of a new monarch ascending the throne is an exciting one. Having only known Queen Elizabeth for my entire life, the idea of having a King and Queen ruling over my country is truly novel. It has been a remarkable 70 years since Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation, and her dish of choice was the iconic Coronation Chicken.

King Charles Coronation Quiche viewed from overhead on a cooling rack

Alongside the King Charles Coronation Quiche, the menu for the event boasts an array of tantalizing dishes. From the exquisite Coronation Roast Rack of Lamb to the delectable Coronation Aubergine (also known as Eggplant), and not forgetting the mouthwatering Strawberry and Ginger Trifle, every plate promises to be a royal treat.

How to Make King Charles Coronation Quiche

One of the best things about homemade quiche is that you don’t need to be a skilled cook to master it. In fact, you can cheat a little and use a pre-made pie crust. Simply whisk together the eggs, milk, cream, and other ingredients, and then pop it into the oven to bake. It’s as simple as that!

An overhead view of a vegetable quiche

When it comes to the filling of this quiche, the King’s personal chef has kept it elegantly simple. The addition of broad beans (also known as fava beans) gives the dish a unique twist. If you have difficulty finding fava beans, you can easily substitute them with lima beans or even soybeans. The combination of eggs, whole milk, and cream results in a creamy and delicious quiche.

To achieve the perfect texture and taste, the recipe specifies using white cheddar cheese. While you can certainly use orange cheddar, the color of the quiche may differ slightly. So, to stay true to the original recipe, white cheddar is recommended.

The flaky pastry used in this quiche is reminiscent of the pastry found in many traditional British dishes, such as the British Steak and Ale Pie. While the recipe suggests adding lard to the pastry, you can opt to use all butter instead. Both variations produce an equally flaky and delightful crust.

Lifting a slice of quiche showing the spinach in the filling

Spinach in Coronation Quiche

To achieve the best results, it’s important to take note of a few key tips. Spinach contains a significant amount of water, so it’s essential to squeeze out as much liquid as possible by wrapping the spinach in a towel. This step ensures that your quiche remains perfectly crisp and avoids any unwanted sogginess.

Blind Baking Quiche Pastry

In many of my recipes, I’ve discussed the importance of blind baking. For this recipe, I highly recommend employing this method. Blind baking involves baking the quiche or pie crust without the filling. It is especially crucial when dealing with wet fillings, like this quiche. By blind baking the crust, you give it a chance to firm up and bake before adding the filling, providing an extra layer of protection against sogginess. I encourage you to try this technique not only for this dish but also for any other recipe that calls for a flawless crust.

If you’ve had the pleasure of making the King Charles Coronation Quiche, please feel free to share your experience in the comments below. I always love hearing from my readers.

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