Start Your Day with Delicious Blueberry Cream Cheese Pancakes!

Are you looking for the perfect pancake recipe to kickstart your day? Look no further! Get ready to indulge in the most incredible Blueberry Cream Cheese Pancakes. These pancakes are unbelievably fluffy and soft, made with buttermilk, fresh blueberries, and cream cheese! Trust me, once you try them, you’ll want to have them every day!

A Sunday Tradition

Let’s talk about Pancake Sunday – a tradition that has been going on in my household for ages. It all started because my child, just like any pancake lover, requested pancakes EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. So, to keep it special, we decided to designate Sundays as pancake days. But after trying this blueberry and cream cheese pancakes recipe, I can’t help but question my decision to limit our pancake indulgence to just one day a week.

A Blueberry Cheesecake Breakfast

These pancakes are nothing short of incredible. Imagine biting into a stack of fluffy pancakes that tastes like blueberry cheesecake – yes, you heard it right! It’s like having dessert for breakfast, and who can say no to that? No wonder this recipe has been made over 100 times by our readers and has become one of our most popular breakfast ideas!

Recipe Features:

Before we dive into the recipe, let’s talk about Chrissy Teigen. I absolutely adore her and her amazing cookbooks. Her recipes are simply spectacular and always a hit with my family. If you’re looking to expand your cookbook collection, I highly recommend starting with her original book, Cravings, and then moving on to Cravings: Hungry for More. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. The recipes are fantastic, and the photos are absolutely stunning!

Now, let’s go over the key ingredients for this mouthwatering pancake recipe:

  • Cream Cheese: You can use an off-brand cream cheese to save a bit of money if you prefer.
  • Buttermilk: Please try not to substitute this. Buttermilk is what gives these pancakes their incredible texture.
  • Blueberries: Fresh blueberries are the way to go for the best flavor.

Tips for Perfect Pancakes:

Here are a few tips to ensure your pancakes turn out absolutely perfect:

  • Use room temperature ingredients. This will help everything blend together easily, resulting in a well-balanced batter.
  • Mix the batter by hand. Overmixing can lead to chewy pancakes instead of light and fluffy ones. You want to mix just until the wet and dry ingredients are blended together.

Can You Use Frozen Blueberries?

Absolutely! While fresh blueberries are ideal, frozen berries work perfectly fine, especially when fresh ones are not in season. So, go ahead and grab a pack of frozen blueberries if needed.

Freeze and Enjoy Later!

One of the best things about this recipe is that it is 100% freezer-friendly. To store your pancakes for later enjoyment, stack them with a small sheet of wax paper between each pancake and place them in a zip-top bag. For the best taste, try to use the frozen pancakes within 1-2 months.

A few additional notes about this recipe:

  • Chrissy suggests topping the pancakes with graham cracker crumbs, which we didn’t have available, but I’m sure it adds a delightful cheesecake flavor. It’s definitely worth trying next time!
  • When using cream cheese, it’s worth taking the time to chop it into small pieces. Trust me, it’s a little extra effort that pays off in the end.
  • Don’t forget to wash your berries and make sure they are dry before sprinkling them into your pancake batter.

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Sharing is caring, so don’t forget to share the love and spread the joy of these Blueberry Cream Cheese Pancakes with your friends and family. Happy pancake-making!

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