Dairy Free Waffles: A Delicious Twist for Your Breakfast

These dairy-free waffles are an absolute delight! With a soft and fluffy interior and a crispy exterior, they are the perfect addition to any breakfast or brunch. And the best part? They are incredibly easy to make, requiring no milk at all. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day brunch, or just a lazy Sunday, these homemade waffles are sure to impress.

Pieces of dairy free waffles stacked and topped with a strawberry and blueberries

On the weekends, I usually find myself making dairy-free biscuits or pancakes. But every once in a while, I pull out my trusty waffle iron and whip up a batch of these dairy-free waffles. And every time, I wonder why I’m not making them more often!

Why You’ll Love These Dairy Free Waffles

  • Quick and Easy: These waffles can be ready in just 20 minutes, whether you’re using a Belgian waffle iron or a regular one.
  • Perfect Texture: They have a soft, light, and fluffy texture on the inside, with a nice crisp on the outside. For extra crispiness, simply cook them a little longer.
  • Make Ahead: These waffles are freezer-friendly, making them perfect for busy mornings. Prepare them in advance and reheat them for a quick and delicious weekday breakfast.
  • Healthier Option: You can use whole wheat flour to make these waffles a little healthier, without compromising on taste.
  • Endless Possibilities: This recipe serves as a great base. You can easily add chocolate chips or blueberries to the batter to switch things up!

Ingredients needed to make dairy free waffles with labels

Ingredients Needed

To make these mouthwatering dairy-free waffles, you’ll need:

  • Flour: All-purpose flour works perfectly, but you can also use white whole wheat flour or oat flour for a gluten-free option.
  • Oil: Choose a neutral oil such as grapeseed or canola, or swap it for melted dairy-free butter or applesauce.
  • Dairy-Free Milk: Oat milk adds a creamy touch, but you can use alternatives like almond milk, soy milk, or cashew milk.
  • Sugar: Use white granulated sugar or coconut sugar for a refined sugar-free option.
  • Vanilla Extract: Real vanilla extract brings the perfect flavor to these waffles.
  • Eggs: For a vegan version, omit the eggs and add apple cider vinegar and extra vegan milk.

Stacked dairy-free waffles with syrup and pictured with a piece of waffle on a fork

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Properly measure the flour: It’s recommended to weigh the flour or use the scoop and level method for accurate results.
  2. Preheat your waffle iron: Ensure it’s fully preheated to achieve the ideal crispiness.
  3. Cook the waffles: Follow the instructions provided with your waffle iron, keeping a close eye on the waffles to avoid burning.

Dairy free waffle recipe step by step instructions
Whole dairy-free waffles pictured in a stack on a plate with berries scattered around

Expert Tips

  • Properly measure the flour: Weighing the flour or using the scoop and level method ensures the best results.
  • Preheat your waffle iron: Make sure it’s fully preheated to achieve the desired crispiness.
  • Watch the heat: Different waffle irons have different recommended heats and instructions, so keep a close eye on them.

Storage and Freezing Instructions

If you have any leftovers, you can store the dairy-free waffles in a ziplock bag or airtight container in the fridge for up to 5 days. Alternatively, you can freeze them in a ziplock bag for later use. Simply let them thaw in the fridge before reheating in the microwave or enjoy them right away.

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If you try out this recipe, let me know how it turned out in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you! You can also tag me on Instagram or Facebook so I can check it out.

Please note that the calorie information provided for this recipe is an estimate, and the accuracy of the listed calories is not guaranteed.

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