There are no hard rules that you should follow when making a seafood menu. But there is plenty of debate on which meals should be part of these menus. The amount and type of fish that you should include in each dish and how you should prepare the foods can vary. Besides, the bottom line is that you test with any dish and see it is tasty enough. If you are looking for the best dishes to include in your seafood menu, read on for some of the most delicious ones. You can try them.

Blackened Catfish Sandwich

This dish drives many people to the beach, so it might be a perfect dish to appear on your seafood menu. In the past, people considered this as extremely dirty fish, and that would scare many away. If you are still not at ease with this combination, you can go for any fish fillet and get excellent results.

However, that concern is no longer real. Most catfish are currently farm-raised. Taste them, and you will see that they have a great light flavor, which signifies how clean they presently are.

Make you dish little spicy by adding mayonnaise in the dressing as well as some few pieces of cabbage slaw and pineapple. If you can, make a cold beer to accompany this sandwich.

Crispy-Skin Salmon, Miso-Honey Sauce

If you want to include this dish in your seafood menu, follow the right procedure as well to cook it. For the best outcome, prepare it by combining one teaspoon of water, vinegar, whiskey ginger, honey, and miso in a small bowl. Then heat a dry small skillet, toast sesame seeds and toss it for about 2 minutes.

That is not all, you then need to lightly season salmon with salt and press it lightly on it to ensure all of its parts are fully dipped into the oil. Turn fillets over by using a spatula and when it is ready, remove the pan from the heat. Allow the food to continue being cooked with the residual heat left. Spoon the reversed sauce unto your plates.

Shrimp and Grits Dressing

Many regard this as a perfect Thanksgiving dinner. You can include it on your menu whenever you want to serve the shrimp-eaters in your family.

When you want to prepare it, start by preheating your oven to 325 degrees. Once it hits this temperature, put your chicken broth, salt, and red pepper to boil in a large saucepan. Reduce the heat and stir in butter. Once the liquid is adequately absorbed, just remove it from the heat.

Stir together eggs, red bell pepper, breadcrumbs, chopped green onions, and grated parmesan cheese in a large bowl. Add grits into the egg mixture and stir in shrimp. Finally, bake it at 325 degrees until the mixture is set. At this point, you can serve this meal as a seafood side dish.

Lemony Salmon and Spiced Chickpeas

It is no doubt that everything is better in bowl form. This general rule remains true with salmon dish flavored with garlicky. When you want to prepare this delicious seafood, preheat the oven at 300 degrees. Then toss lemon slices with a drizzle of oil. After that, arrange slices on your rimmed baking sheet and carefully place the salmon on the lemons. After about 15 minutes, let the salmon cool.

Take a short break as the cooling continues and the return to flake it into medium-sized pieces. Prepare your skillet and transfer the chickpeas to another bowl. For a perfect taste, whisk the lemon juice into the oil that you left behind and season it with more kosher salt. Once you complete the entire process, sprinkle your meal with sea salt and pepper. Again, after doing all this, you can be happy about preparing another dish that you can add to your menu.

The Bottom Line

There are plenty of kinds of seafood, and you are at liberty to choose the ones that best suit your unique needs. However, here, we have presented to you some of the most common and tasty alternatives for you to consider. As you can see, we have taken time to explain to you in detail what you can do to prepare each of these dishes. As such, at this point, you are likely able to not only talk about these foods and the best seafood menus but also prepare them.

Remember, we have endeavored to avoid the overuse of spices. Too much is not good for your health. Do the same, and you will make a healthy seafood menu.