Chickpea Flour Breakfast Scramble

Introducing our newest Fresh Off the Grid contributor: Jen Sotolongo from Messkit Maven. After spending the last two years bikepacking through Europe and South America, she has become an expert on quick and easy meals on the road. Today, she shares with us a delicious and protein-packed vegan breakfast recipe using chickpea flour.

Vegan camping food

A Happy Place for Vegans in Medellin

As soon as I stepped into Salud Pan in Medellin, Colombia’s Laureles neighborhood, I knew I had found my oasis. Not only did they serve exquisite vegan and gluten-free dishes, but they also had the largest selection of natural foods I had seen during my year and a half of traveling by bicycle in South America.

My eyes widened with excitement as they scanned over foods I hadn’t seen in ages. There were giant containers of coconut oil, whole-grain bread topped with seeded goodness, a bulk section with all the spices I could ever imagine, and grains like farro, bulgur, and millet. But what caught my attention was an ingredient I had been longing to try: chickpea flour.

A Solution to Our Vegan Breakfast Dilemma

After eating overnight oats for well over a year during our bicycle tour, our vegan breakfast options had become limited. We needed something quick to prepare in the mornings, allowing us plenty of time before the heat or darkness forced us to stop.

Time after time, we contemplated reneging on our vegan diet to include eggs. They were versatile, quick, easy to find in restaurants, and affordable. But we couldn’t bring ourselves to do it.

Once I discovered chickpea flour at Salud Pan, I knew our dilemma would be solved. My goal was to create a delicious vegan breakfast scramble that would fuel our active lifestyle and come together in a breeze.

Chickpea Flour Breakfast Scramble

I kept the recipe simple, using onions, peppers, and tomatoes as my veggies. Once they were cooked, I poured in my chickpea “egg” batter, and within minutes, our vegan breakfast scramble was ready to devour!

Ingredient Notes

Let’s talk about a few ingredients you may not be familiar with. First up is aquafaba. Have you ever wondered what that liquid you pour down the drain when you open a can of chickpeas is? It’s aquafaba, also known as bean juice! This magical substance mimics egg whites, making it perfect for meringues, fluffy pancakes, mousse, and of course, our vegan breakfast scramble.

Next, we have nutritional yeast, lovingly nicknamed “nooch.” This vegan pantry staple adds a cheesy flavor to dishes and is packed with B vitamins. Lastly, there’s kala namak, or black salt, which was new to me until I started making veggie scrambles. This pungent salt is great for vegan egg alternatives because it has a high sulfur content that resembles the smell of eggs. Instead of buying it at an expensive vegan store, head to your nearest Middle Eastern market for a much more affordable option.

One more thing you need to know is that these scrambles are not meant to taste exactly like eggs. When I first tried them, my expectation was that they would replicate the scrambled eggs from my pre-vegan days. They don’t, but they are a fantastic replacement that satisfies the craving for a hearty and flavorful breakfast.

Chickpea Flour Breakfast Scramble
Chickpea Flour Breakfast Scramble

Now that you have the secret to a delicious and protein-packed vegan breakfast, it’s time to give it a try. Head to your kitchen and whip up this chickpea flour breakfast scramble that will power you through your day. Remember, it’s all about exploring new flavors, enjoying a plant-based lifestyle, and fueling yourself with nutritious and satisfying meals.

Ready to embark on this culinary adventure? Get the full recipe and more delightful food inspiration on BDK Restaurant. Enjoy your flavorful breakfast scramble, courtesy of BDK Restaurant!

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